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Monday, March 28, 2011

SalonPas Review

Oh yeah, pain relief in a flexible easy to remove patch! We used to use a gel from another company for our little aches and pains. I learned about SalonPas at a twitter party several months ago. They sent me free patches to try. We tried them once and have never gone back. I use them on my wrists and they are perfect. Aside from the cooling feel on my wrist, which is wonderful, I can't even tell I'm wearing it. I don't have to worry about getting gel on my fingers and then touching my eyes with stinging residue. I highly recommend SalonPas to anyone suffering from achy joints occasionally.

The Product Review Place and SalonPas Twitter Party

It's been a while since I've done a blog post. Well tonight I found something worth blogging about! It's The Product Review Place and SalonPas are hosting a HUGE twitter party tonight. I am so excited about this party that not only am I telling y'all about it. I'm also doing a review! I may even do a video review(this should be funny!).
You need to sign up at The Product Review Place and then enter the party HERE There are lots of available extra entries! Now let's get to partying and good luck!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Terrific Reviews and Giveaways at Two of a Kind!

Two of a Kind blogger has some Terrific reviews and giveaways in more than just twos going on right now. Check out all of these unbelievable Reviews and Giveaways!

I love making fresh salads. I love the ones that I make using olive oil. So many combinations! Two of a Kind has a review and giveway now that will entice salad and olive oil lovers every where! Check out Her Crisco-Mediterranean Inspirations giveaway here. You can also check out Crisco for other great products and ideas!

I am an avid reader. My Nana nurtured my love of books at an early age and I cherish that. Books have been my silent friends for years. An escape to turn to, a break from everyday troubles. Reading is a passion for me and my children, I'm happy to say! We go on long trips often and every weekend I drive my daughter to her dad's 90 miles away. Sometimes it's dark and the kids have nothing to do. The Literati featured in another of Two of a Kind's reviews would be perfect for them. I'd love it as well! So convenient browsing and downloading from home! You can check out her giveaway here... Literati Giveaway and have a chance to win it!

For some of us adventurous women Two of a Kind has done a fab review of Eden Fantasys (This link contains material not suitable for minors). There is something there for even the shyest of us ladies! You can enter her giveaway here... Eden's Fantasy Giveaway

The Green Earth Bamboo review is quite interesting. I'd never heard of them before reading Two of a Kind's review. The gown look so comfy that I'm definitely entering her giveaway to try to win one to try out for myself. Good luck to you if you take the chance as well and check out Green Earth Bamboo here.

Oh yeah!! Another Tassimo! giveaway opportunity. I have entered half a dozen of these at least and I think I'm due. I'm so glad that she's done this Tassimo review . Good luck if you try to beat me out of this one! :P

Valentines Day(or any special occasion) wouldn't be complete without cookies! Some of my most fun carefree moments have been baking cookies as a child and baking cookies with my kids now! Well of course she ALSO has a fantabulous giveaway for just such a memory! You can enter here... Valentines Day Wilton Cookie Prize Pack and visit Wilton for more memory opportunities with great supplies for every need!

My dear son loves him some Chuggington. Chugginton often has giveaways and twitter parties. They give all of us chances every time I turn around! Truly a wonderful company and I didn't really need Two of a Kind to tell me about them, but I sure appreciate another giveaway!! You can find your chance at Chuggington Giveaway and Review and if you don't know much about Chuggington read up! They are a great company with fantastic toys for your little ones!

All of these great reviews and giveaways can be found at Two of a Kind . There are also several others going on right now and lots of other great content through out her blog. Good luck to all of you and thank you to Two of a Kind . You're fantabulous!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Organized Chaos and Pepto Bismol Review/Giveaway

My Organized Chaos has done a Pinkie Perfect Review about a product that I love and use in our household anytime one of the kids or the hubby overdoes the wonderful food that I cook every night :D
The Pepto Bismol Prize Pack is great! I'm entering to win the giveaway because we've been wanting to get my dad an ipod. He is retired and caring for my stepmother, who has early stage alzheimer, plus his parents who are both 87 yrs old and not doing too well lately. He loves listening to audible books and has a cheap little mp3 player that I think doesn't even compare to the ipod. My dad is just wacky enough(love you dad) that he would LOVE this package! I can see him busting it out at the campgrounds this summer making all my brothers and brothers-in-laws eat from pink plates :D Just the thought of it makes me smile!
If you'd like to win this package as much as I want to, check out My Organized Chaos's Review and follow her directions to enter the giveaway. I wish you lots of luck in the drawing!

Ascending Butterfly's RYN Shoe Giveaway

I won the RYN shoes!! I am so happy about it. I had to rethink my choice though. I love the sandal type and that IS my normal choice for footwear, BUT I NEED a new pair of shoes for my 2011 fitness goals and I felt the regular lace up style shoe would be better! Soooo, I ended up choosing the Ryn Trail Sympatex Brown. It just LOOKS so comfortable and durable. I'll be sure to post about it when I get them. Which btw, RYN has ALREADY called me to verify my address and to tell me they were shipping my new shoes out today.(Tracey JUST confirmed me last night and told me she was sending them my info). Seems to me that RYN would be a great sponsor to work with and an awesome place to buy from!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Amazing RYN shoe

Ascending Butterfly(one of my favorite bloggers) has posted a review and giveaway for a pair of shoes that I have been coveting for over a year! All you have to do is choose a pair from the RYN site and follow her via GFC for your mandatory entry. This is the pair I would choose! MY CHOICE

Make sure to read all of her very clear instructions to make the most of your entries. Good luck to you and to me :D Go to Ascending Butterfly page and enter to win!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bringing Pepto Back to the Lime...errr PinkLight!!

Familylicious has done a great review featuring Pepto Bismol and funny man Ken Jeong! If you love all things pink and have a little issue every now and then, you don't want to miss this article. Guess what! You can also win a fabulous Pink Party Prize Pack! Everything you're going to need after a party including an adorable little ipod shuffle to listen to while you let the hubby clean up the mess :D
Good luck. To enter go here!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Simply Being Mommy-Win a Mr T Ultra Flip Video Camera

Simply Being Mommy has posted a review/giveaway on her site about Gold Promise. She's giving you the opportunity to win a Mr T Ultra Flip Video Camera! What a great deal! You can check it out for yourself at Simply Being Mommy

Good luck!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hasbro Tonka Chuck & Friends Giveaway

Blogger MyOrganizedChaos has done a fab review of Hasbro's Tonka toy, Chuck's StuntPark Playset!  I love hearing a mom saying that they allow their kids to play with toys that are geared toward kids of the opposite sex.  Her kids are all girls, but she knows the value of letting kids be kids by giving them the freedom to be outside the box of genderfication(okay, so maybe that isn't a word, but I use it a lot anyhow).  My son loves "girl" toys and "boy" toys.  I don't have an issue allowing him to play with dolls even though my brothers give me a really hard time about it!  MyOrganizedChaos is giving away a Chuck's Stunt Park Playset to one lucky reader on her blog!  Just go to MyOrganizedChaos

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mamavation Twitter Party

I love Twitter parties.  Mamavation always has good parties and giveaways as well as fitness help for people like me.  I have made my New Year's resolution to become fitter this year.  I really want to get back to my 20's body and fitness level(maybe even better!).  I'm attending this evening and hoping to win a Jillian Michaels game.  It will save me from having to buy it toward the end of this month(which is my plan).
Good luck to every one who enters!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Giveaways Galore

There are so many giveaways on the internet that you will never be able to enter them all.  I try to find all that I can and sort them by the ending date.  I add to my lists every day. During the evenings I go to that day's ending list and choose the contests that have great reviews and products that I find interesting.  When I first started I was very confused and it would take me hours sometimes to finish one blog's contest entries.  I'm getting better at it and developing a system that works for me.  I'd like to use this blog as a tool for me and for you to enter the best giveaways and contests.  I will also post freebies when I come across them.  I will never post a freebie or contest that requires all the survey type junk that keeps you giving info and wasting your time on never ending info seeking surveys.  I will always check out the links before I add them to my blog.  I'm intending this to be a timesaving tool and hope to one day do reviews and giveaways of my own.  I will share my ideas and tips with you and wish us all the best of luck.