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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hasbro Tonka Chuck & Friends Giveaway

Blogger MyOrganizedChaos has done a fab review of Hasbro's Tonka toy, Chuck's StuntPark Playset!  I love hearing a mom saying that they allow their kids to play with toys that are geared toward kids of the opposite sex.  Her kids are all girls, but she knows the value of letting kids be kids by giving them the freedom to be outside the box of genderfication(okay, so maybe that isn't a word, but I use it a lot anyhow).  My son loves "girl" toys and "boy" toys.  I don't have an issue allowing him to play with dolls even though my brothers give me a really hard time about it!  MyOrganizedChaos is giving away a Chuck's Stunt Park Playset to one lucky reader on her blog!  Just go to MyOrganizedChaos

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