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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Terrific Reviews and Giveaways at Two of a Kind!

Two of a Kind blogger has some Terrific reviews and giveaways in more than just twos going on right now. Check out all of these unbelievable Reviews and Giveaways!

I love making fresh salads. I love the ones that I make using olive oil. So many combinations! Two of a Kind has a review and giveway now that will entice salad and olive oil lovers every where! Check out Her Crisco-Mediterranean Inspirations giveaway here. You can also check out Crisco for other great products and ideas!

I am an avid reader. My Nana nurtured my love of books at an early age and I cherish that. Books have been my silent friends for years. An escape to turn to, a break from everyday troubles. Reading is a passion for me and my children, I'm happy to say! We go on long trips often and every weekend I drive my daughter to her dad's 90 miles away. Sometimes it's dark and the kids have nothing to do. The Literati featured in another of Two of a Kind's reviews would be perfect for them. I'd love it as well! So convenient browsing and downloading from home! You can check out her giveaway here... Literati Giveaway and have a chance to win it!

For some of us adventurous women Two of a Kind has done a fab review of Eden Fantasys (This link contains material not suitable for minors). There is something there for even the shyest of us ladies! You can enter her giveaway here... Eden's Fantasy Giveaway

The Green Earth Bamboo review is quite interesting. I'd never heard of them before reading Two of a Kind's review. The gown look so comfy that I'm definitely entering her giveaway to try to win one to try out for myself. Good luck to you if you take the chance as well and check out Green Earth Bamboo here.

Oh yeah!! Another Tassimo! giveaway opportunity. I have entered half a dozen of these at least and I think I'm due. I'm so glad that she's done this Tassimo review . Good luck if you try to beat me out of this one! :P

Valentines Day(or any special occasion) wouldn't be complete without cookies! Some of my most fun carefree moments have been baking cookies as a child and baking cookies with my kids now! Well of course she ALSO has a fantabulous giveaway for just such a memory! You can enter here... Valentines Day Wilton Cookie Prize Pack and visit Wilton for more memory opportunities with great supplies for every need!

My dear son loves him some Chuggington. Chugginton often has giveaways and twitter parties. They give all of us chances every time I turn around! Truly a wonderful company and I didn't really need Two of a Kind to tell me about them, but I sure appreciate another giveaway!! You can find your chance at Chuggington Giveaway and Review and if you don't know much about Chuggington read up! They are a great company with fantastic toys for your little ones!

All of these great reviews and giveaways can be found at Two of a Kind . There are also several others going on right now and lots of other great content through out her blog. Good luck to all of you and thank you to Two of a Kind . You're fantabulous!!!

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